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Titanium Harmony is an enterprise level embedded clinical solution for multi-discipline healthcare providers of all sizes.

Harmony provides access to the innovative Titanium clinical functionality from within other applications, such as your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Open Titanium directly to a clinical summary or the complete clinical functionality (depending on the user access level) with the EMR patient context using authentication from your EMR. Harmony works in conjunction with conventional user authentication and access and while focused on the clinical component of Titanium, all underlying functionality is available. Harmony works with Unity for public health, Origin for dental schools, Aegis for defence, and Insight for private dental.



Harmony provides access to Titanium’s innovative clinical functionality and charting system allows your oral health clinical staff to perform their services easily and effectively. The charting system displays clear visual representation of tooth anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment charting for ease of clinical use. Integrated imaging allows images to be viewed directly from Harmony.

Other Functionality

Harmony can also provide access to any functional area of Titanium and users can also use the conventional Titanium access.



Titanium Harmony supports configurable integration for authentication via domain based SSO or federated authentication using SMART, OAuth2/OpenId.


Harmony uses standards-based integration technologies: REST API, HL7, DICOM enabling integration with common integration engines such as Rhapsody and Mirth. Titanium Harmony integrates with and provides access to Titanium Unity, Origin, Aegis and Insight.