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Bachelor of Oral Health in Oral Health Therapy,
Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science (Year 1-3),
Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Technology,
Graduate Diploma of Dentistry (Year 4-5),
Master of Dental Technology in Prosthetics,
Masters of Clinical Dentistry in Implant Dentistry,
Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

Installed Since: 2005
Number of Users: 188. These include students, teachers, dental assistants, and general staff. At any one time a maximum of 58 concurrent users are utilising the system.


Griffith University School of Dentistry commenced business in January 2004. The Masters Student program started with a few patients in 2005, piloting the software for the school. Software was fully implemented in 2006 when the first student group, Dental Science and Oral Health Therapists started treating patients.

The clinic has a capacity of 54 chairs. This includes 40 undergraduates, 8 professionals, and 6 Post Graduates. Typically, the number of patients treated per year is 7,000 and the number of appointments per year is 20,000.

Griffith also has a fully operational Dental Laboratory for provision of technical work for the students and private patients.

In 2010 the latest available version of the software was installed to utilise electronic grading for the undergraduate students.

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